Why is it Important to Service Commercial Refrigeration Units
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Why is it Important to Service Commercial Refrigeration Units

Business organisations, whether a small cafe or a large food processing plant, which are dependent on their refrigeration systems must place importance on regular servicing. Scheduled commercial refrigeration maintenance significantly reduces the chance of a fridge, freezer, cool room or cabinet losing effectiveness or breaking down completely.

Not only does a poorly functioning or malfunctioning item of refrigeration equipment put refrigerated or frozen stock at risk, but it also places your clients and customers at great risk of food poisoning through bacteria contamination. As many hospitality and retail businesses know only too well through experience, it only takes a single incident to destroy years of hard work building a great business reputation. Why take the risk when commercial refrigeration maintenance is cost-effective and helps to protect the investment you’ve made in quality refrigeration equipment and the reputation of your business?

Dakin Refrigeration provides commercial refrigeration maintenance services to a wide range of retail, hospitality and food production businesses across Launceston. Whether you run a pub, club or restaurant, a dairy or food production business, a bottle shop, supermarket or mini-mart, we’re here to help. Along with maintenance services, we also offer 24/7 call outs for those middle-of-the-night emergencies. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to service your commercial refrigeration equipment on an ongoing basis.

Avoid Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems

Many commercial refrigeration issues are heat related. Refrigeration equipment, whether a fridge, freezer or cool room, expels heat (usually) through the condenser coil. If equipment isn’t serviced and cleaned regularly, the condenser coil needs to work harder, uses more power, operates less efficiently and is increasingly at risk of failure. This can result in a number of issues, including condenser fan failure, burnt wiring, compressor failure and lower temperatures inside the unit. Other commercial refrigeration problems include:

Malfunctioning/clogged fans: Fans in cool rooms and commercial refrigeration equipment can become dirty, clogged and eventually stop functioning altogether. You’ll likely notice that your cool room or fridge isn’t providing adequate ventilation and temperature regulation, but you should have it serviced before you notice it becoming a problem.

Broken compressor: The compressor is largely responsible for providing a constant temperature control throughout the refrigeration unit. If the compressor is struggling, it can affect the overall temperature of the unit and put food at risk of spoilage due to bacteria contamination.

Worn refrigeration coils: When refrigeration coils become dirty (or freeze over) they’re at risk of damage and that prevents correct temperature regulation and ventilation throughout a piece of commercial refrigeration equipment.

Scheduled commercial refrigeration maintenance is essential for all items of refrigeration equipment in all business organisations and establishments. Without ongoing maintenance provided by an experienced service provider, like Dakin Refrigeration in Launceston, your cool rooms, fridges, freezers and chillers will run harder and hotter, won’t operate at peak efficiency, will breakdown more often and will be more expensive to repair in the long-term.

To book a time for our commercial refrigeration engineers to inspect your equipment or set up a scheduled service plan for your business, call Dakin Refrigeration on (03) 6344 4032.