Blast Chillers

Quickly cool food to safe storage temperatures with a new commercial blast chiller from Dakin Refrigeration in Launceston. Many commercial kitchens are now outfitted with a blast chiller, and it’s easy to see why — these high-powered chillers quickly lower food temperatures to safe levels and avoid the bacteria ‘danger zone’ (+70 °C to +5 °C). Blast chillers are also ideal for preserving the flavour, colour, flavour and fragrance of freshly cooked food.

Cool Rooms

Maximise your cold storage space and meet the latest health and safety regulations with a commercial chest freezer from leading brands like Bromic and Kingloc. Energy-efficient chest freezers are suitable for most commercial, hospitality and retail environments and deliver a range of benefits including storage space maximisation, ease-of-use and versatility. Dakin Refrigeration offers a range of chest freezers for retail display and kitchen storage.

Cool Rooms

Looking for a bulk refrigeration solution for your business that maximises space and increases efficiency? Energy-efficient, made-to-measure cool rooms supplied by Dakin Refrigeration in Launceston are smart custom commercial refrigeration solutions for all pubs, clubs, restaurants and food retailers like supermarkets. We offer an extensive range of premium-quality cool rooms from top brands like SKOPE and provide made-to-measure commercial cool room solutions to ensure a perfect fit.

Countertop Chillers

Maximise your establishment’s in-store food sales through better presentation with a ready-made or custom commercial countertop chiller from Dakin Refrigeration in Launceston. These attractive food display products are perfect for presenting a variety of food and drinks across hospitality and retail environments, including point-of-sale locations. We offer a range of countertop chiller products from industry-leading brands like SKOPE and Williams, and can help you choose the right chilled counter display for your business needs.

Display Cabinets

The right display cabinet can boost sales in a variety of retail and hospitality environments including supermarkets, corner stores, service stations, bars, cafes and restaurants. At Dakin Refrigeration in Launceston, we offer an extensive selection of premium-quality display cabinets from Bromic, SKOPE, Kingloc and other innovative brands. Our commercial refrigeration experts can visit you at your premises and advise you on the best display cabinet products for your organisation’s in-store display and storage needs and goals.

Display Freezers

The smart choice for displaying a range of frozen products in retail environments such as supermarkets and mini-marts, commercial display freezers expand storage space and boost in-store sales. Also suitable for hospitality businesses, the right display freezer from SKOPE or Bromic is a great way to display and generate greater interest in your products. As Launceston’s leading commercial refrigeration specialists, Dakin Refrigeration can help you choose the most suitable display freezer for your establishment.

Display Fridges

Display fridges empower hospitality and food retail businesses to display products prominently, including at point-of-sale, and the right display fridge in the right location can significantly boost your in-store sales. With over 30 years’ industry experience, the commercial refrigeration specialists at Dakin Refrigeration can help you select the perfect display fridge for your business. We supply a wide range of premium-quality display fridges from SKOPE, Bromic, Kingloc and Williams.

Freezer Rooms

For innovative freezer room solutions in Launceston and the surrounding areas, Dakin Refrigeration is the right choice. We supply cold rooms and freezer rooms from the biggest brands in the industry and provide made-to-measure freezer room solutions that consider each business’s specific storage and access needs. Whether you need a new freezer room for your hospitality organisation, supermarket or food processing plant, we can tailor a solution to both your organisational requirements and budget.


Commercial freezers come in a wide range of capacities, sizes and styles, so it’s important to choose the right freezer for your business needs while working with an allocated budget. At Dakin Refrigeration, we supply a wide spectrum of high-quality commercial freezers, from display freezers through to freezer rooms, and our specialists welcome the opportunity to help you select the ideal freezer for the needs of your business.


Serving the Launceston community for over 30 years, Dakin Refrigeration provides a full range of commercial refrigeration solutions, including inserts and internal shelf parts for a wide spectrum of fridges, freezers, cool rooms and display cabinets. Whether you need a replacement insert or you’re reconfiguring cool rooms or freezer rooms to maximise storage space, we have the inserts and parts you’re looking for in stock. Competitive prices guaranteed.

Mobile Cool Rooms

Need a mobile cool room in Launceston? Dakin Refrigeration offers mobile cool room solutions for commercial customers across the local and surrounding areas at competitive prices. Whether you’re a pub, club, dairy, restaurant, bottle shop, mini-mart or supermarket, we have the perfect mobile cool room for your business requirements at a competitive price. Short-term and long-term mobile cool room rentals available.